Alton Cycling Club uses MemberMojo to provide online membership services for club members and Cycling Time Trials to manage data relating to participants in the Open Events which we organise. We manage personal member data for club use only and will not share your data with third parties except in relation to events as detailed below.  Data held is governed by the privacy policies of those organisations and can be found via the following links:

MemberMojo:                   membermojo Privacy Policy

Cycling Time Trials:         cyclingtimetrials privacy policy

With regard to our ‘club’ events, entrants’ information recorded on the ‘signing on’ sheet may be shared on our club website, social media pages or in emails sent by or on behalf of us.  The data will only be shared in relation to your participation in the event, eg. the list of entrants, results or event reports.  This data will be limited to your name, gender, age or age category, the name of the affiliated club or team of which you are a member and your finishing time and/or position.  The information each rider provides on the signing on sheet will be used only for the purposes of the promotion and management of the event.  It will not be released to third parties other than in the event of a emergency, such as there being an accident, or if it is requested by an appropriate CTT District official or to one of the National officers of CTT.

We will retain the ‘signing on’ sheets for up to one year unless there is a legitimate reason to do otherwise (eg. in the event of civil claim).