Historic Competition Winners

Club time trial award winners from 1936 to present day

Year10 Mile League Cup10 Mile Championship25 Mile Championship50 Mile Cup100 Mile Cup12 Hour Cup
WinnerTime / PointsWinnerTimeWinnerTimeWinnerTimeWinnerTimeWinnerDistance
1936V Newman1:07:50
1937R Stent1:05.03
1938R Stent1:03:30
1939R Stent1:06:43
1940Not competed
1941LA Brown1:09:46
1942R Stent1:06:24
1943R Holcombe1:07:21
1944E Leighs1:12:03
1945E Leighs1:09:53
1946R Holcombe1:08:50
1947R Stent1:05:32
1948W Matthews1:11:48
1949G Trimming1:03:47
1950G Trimming1:07:34
1951G Trimming1:00:52
1952G Trimming1:04:03
1953G Trimming1:03:57
1954 to 1978Not competed
1979R Sears56:59R Sears1:54:33R Sears4:20:02
1980R Sears56:44A Elliott1:59:58A Elliott4:28:38
1981R Sears56:26A Elliott1:58:38A Elliott4:21:37
1982A Walters55:43A Walters1:58:31A Walters4:06:43
1983A Walters55:24A Walters1:50:30A Walters4:09:25
1984A Walters56:12P Stroud2:00:05P Stroud4:16:08
1985R Wood59:17R Scott2:08:42L Watkins4:45:32
1986R Wood59:51L Watkins2:09:42S Willis4:49:43
1987R Eason1:00:03R Eason2:06:32R Eason4:33:51
1988J McGill1:01:17R Eason2:10:43P Galpin4:52:52
1989R Eason59:24R Eason2:07:04S Willis4:55:11
1990I Cargill56:42I Cargill2:03:35I Cargill4:24:04
1991I Cargill52:32I Cargill1:52:05A Walters4:07:33
1992I Cargill53:15I Cargill1:52:05I Cargill4:10:11
1993I Cargill54:24I Cargill1:55:38A Major4:25:48
1994D Birch58:24D Birch2:01:10A Major4:23:55
1995C Birch55:48C Birch1:54:25Not competed
1996C Birch55:30C Birch1:58:48B Fletcher4:56:30
1997C Birch54:19C Birch1:55:54Not competed
1998C Birch51:11C Birch1:56:05Not competed
1999Not competedP McReynolds2:06:55Not competed
2000P McReynolds58:10C Brown2:04:50C Brown4:39:55
2001D Birch1:00:48C Bather2:24:09Not competed
2002D Birch24:08K Stevens1:08:09C Bather2:21:56Not competed
2003D Birch23:34K Stevens1:07:08D Birch2:10:56Not competed
2004M Thomas22:42S BlowNot competedNot competed
2005S Blow15 ptsS Blow23:49S Blow1:01:52D Birch2:11:52Not competed
2006S Bennett21 ptsS Blow23:32S Blow1:00:05Not competedK Stevens4:45:32
2007S Blow32 ptsS Blow24:06S Blow1:00:28K Stevens2:20:10Not competed
2008S Blow21 ptsP Bowley22:37S Blow1:00:32Not competedNot competed
2009S Blow25 ptsA Bell23:13A Bell1:02:17Not competedNot competed
2010A Bell27 ptsA Bell22:40A Bell58:03Not competedNot competed
2011A Bell34 ptsA Bell21:43A Bell57:52Not competedNot competed
2012P Jones42 ptsP Bowley21:46P Bowley58:13P Jones2:12:21Not competed
2013L Boxall64 ptsR Froud21:28R Froud57:29R Froud1:52:56K Munt5:00:06K Munt203.96 miles
2014O Williams75 ptsR Froud20:49R Froud54:27R Froud1:52:52R Froud4:12:01Not competed
2015S Newton71 ptsR Froud20:56R Froud54:27R Froud1:45:07R Froud4:11:13Not competed
2016C Williams36 ptsS Blow23:31S Blow54:03R Froud1:57:25Not competedNot competed
2017I Cotton41 ptsR Froud21:46R Froud56:17Not competedNot competedNot competed
2018C Williams39 ptsP Christensen21:17P Christensen56:14I Cotton2:08:27Not competedNot competed
2019R Ditcham47 ptsP Christensen21:21P Christensen55:24P Christensen1:56:44P ChristensenNot competed
2020Not competed (Covid 19)R Ditcham22:32P Christensen56:37Not competedNot competedP Christensen218.53 miles
2021I Cotton21 ptsP Christensen21:21P Christensen56:41P Christensen1:58:55P Christensen4:07:58P Christensen237.59 miles
2022R Ditcham15 ptsR Ditcham22:08R Ditcham58:03Not competedNot competedNot competed
2023No time trial competition