About our rides

Alton Cycling Club organises weekly cycling rides in Hampshire (and adjacent counties), which all begin at The Butts, Alton (location what3words.com/reclining.sailor.threaded).

  • Sunday morning rides meet at 09:00. Varying pace groups.
  • Monday evening rides take place during the lighter months.
  • Tuesday morning rides meet at 09:00. 13-14 mph (21-23 kph) pace.

All riders are asked to follow our guidelines. New riders are always welcome to come and join Alton CC’s rides. If you want to find out more about our rides you can use our contact page to ask a question.

It is recommended that all members join either British Cycling or Cycling UK which will give insurance cover as well as many other discounts and benefits.

Junior Riders: Specific ride guidance for junior riders and their parents is available here.

Depending on numbers, we have up to four ride groups on Sundays to suit varying abilities: Short and Regular Club Groups, a Mid-Paced Group and a Fast Group. No riders are dropped or left behind on any ride. The club rides average between 12 to 14 mph (19-23 kph), depending upon terrain and cover 30 to 50 miles (48-80 km). The mid-paced and fast rides both cover about 50 miles (80 km) with average speeds of about 15 mph (24 kph) and 18 mph (28 kph) respectively.

The Club Group is a mixture of experienced riders and anyone new to cycling. The aim of the group is to promote both the etiquette and the advantages of group riding. During the summer months rides may occasionally be longer than 50 miles (80 km). These will be identified on the route. The group rides may not always go to the same café, but there will always be a coffee stop!

All of our cycling rides in Hampshire are on a Sunday, unless otherwise stated, leaving from The Butts, Alton at 09:00. We have a WhatsApp group that keeps riders up to date on our rides. Get in touch with the Club Secretary using the Contact page to be added to the group. It pays to be added as rides may be changed fairly last minute, particularly in the winter due to inclement weather.

Group sizes: A new group should be formed once a ride group has twelve members.

Ride Leaders: We have developed the following set of guidelines for ride leaders which should be used by all ride leaders. When planning routes in winter you may find it useful to consult county council websites detailing their respective salted/treated road maps: Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. Similarly after heavy rainfall, check your planned routes against the government’s Flood Service website.

Upcoming Ride Schedule

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