Lockdown restrictions are easing shortly and in the next few days we’ll be allowed to ride in groups together again….hooray ! The national governing body for Time Trialling – CTT announced back in February that as long as there’s no change to the government “Roadmap”, TT events can also be held from Monday 29 March 2021. Alton CC is promoting weekly time trials from April to August which will be held In accordance with Government regulations and CTT guidance and Covid-19 measures will be in place to ensure the safety of officials and riders.

The first event is on Thursday 15th April which is only just over 3 weeks away now, it’s therefore time to dig out your pointy smurf helmets, knee high socks and skin tight aero suits for the start of what we hope will be a busy season after last years somewhat difficult year.

It’s not necessary to ride a TT bike for these events, there are many who ride each week on a road bike either with or without clip-on TT bars, some ride with single speed and fixed wheels too. There’s a real mix of bikes, riders and abilities and all are not as ‘Pro’ as you may think. You shouldn’t be put off or see these races as daunting, they’re usually a great social event with many riders coming back each week. It isn’t always about beating others (although that’s fun too), for most it’s about pitting yourself, woman (or man) against the clock and trying to go faster than you have done previously, it can be massively rewarding to see improvements over the year and to know you’ve getting fitter and faster.

We will be running our usual competitions for both men and women as per the competition information contained within our Club Handbook.

We cannot run these events without a group of volunteers to help with putting up safety signs, timekeeping at the start and finish lines and handing out numbers etc. If any of you are willing to help to run these events please take a look at the volunteer schedule and advise Iain Cotton any dates you can help with. If you want to know more about how we run these events we have simple guides we can provide and / or walk you through on the day, it really isn’t difficult. Many thanks in anticipation